Ridgeline Aviation is equipped to help you with many of your aviation needs. Whether charter to a remote location, completing a project that requires airlift or other support, or planning your next outdoor adventure, we are here to help you.

Helicopter and Airplane Charter

Our airplanes are ideal for charters to remote locations. Equipped for off-airport operations, our aircraft can move passengers and their gear, cargo, and supplies to unimproved landing areas in the backcountry.

Robinson helicopters are Alaska proven to be a safe, sturdy, and cost-effective way to provide light helicopter charter and support.

Our helicopter is equipped with a cargo basket and hook which are perfect for moving people and equipment as well as odd-sized cargo. Whether you need short or long term support for remote projects, we can help you.

External Load – Long Line Work

The Robinson can be used as an aerial forklift to move equipment and materials from one side of camp to the other or from one camp to the next. Our HAZMAT certification allows us to safely move your fuel, oil, and other hazardous camp supplies and equipment.

Our helicopter is equipped with a cargo hook for external loads and a remote hook to deliver cargo with no ground support.

Survey Work

Examples of survey work we support includes radio telemetry, LIDAR target placement, wildlife survey, classing, and management.

Photography and Video Work

Our aircraft are equipped for your photography and videography needs. With flip-up windows and removeable doors, you get an unobstructed view of your subject.

Remote Site Service and Logistics

With both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, as well as maintenance and hangar facilities, Ridgeline Aviation can support a variety of projects including telecom and communication tower support, remote lodge and cabin support, aircraft recovery, scientific projects, construction and infrastructure service, and environmental assessments.

Remote Fueling

Ridgeline Aviation, Inc. is permitted to carry HAZMAT on board and as well as an external load.