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About us

Ridgeline Aviation is a helicopter and airplane charter company based out of Cordova, Alaska. We offer helicopter and airplane charter services, air tours, and logistics support to help in planning your work or recreation.

Ridgeline Aviation is an FAA Certified Part 135 and 133 Air Carrier. We are DOT licensed Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) carrier for both 135 and 133.

All employees of Ridgeline Aviation undergo yearly recurrent training, are required to participate in a FAA/DOT supervised drug program, and put safety at the front of every flight.



The Cessna 170B is a single engine, fixed wing airplane. It has been equipped with heavy duty gear, big tires, and a fuel injected 200 HP motor, and has been modified for STOL operations. It is well suited for improved and unimproved landing areas. The Cessna accommodates up to 3 passengers, depending on cargo and distance traveling. It is great for taking two people with outdoor gear into unimproved landing strips. As fast as a 180 and as slow as a Super Cub we find it to be an excellent combination of performance and utility at a competitive price.


The DHC-2 Beaver is the “Workhorse of the North” and is a proven bush plane. Used for heavy loads or up to 7 passengers the Beaver’s 450 HP engine and high lift wing has been moving Alaska since the 1940’s. It has an excellent cargo capacity to pack freight and cargo from airfield to airfield but is outfitted with tundra tires to accommodate landing on rough strips and remote beaches, and the large cargo door to increases the ease of loading odd sized items and baggage.



The R44 helicopter is known for reliability, efficiency, and comfort. It has passenger seating for 3 and an unbeatable view. The R44 is an ideal helicopter for transport,  sightseeing, photography and aerial survey due to its large bubble windows, excellent performance, speed and low cost of operation. The R44 has been Alaska proven for decades, and is the standard for reliable and economical helicopter support.

Our helicopter is equipped with a cargo hook for external loads along with a remote hook to deliver cargo with no ground  support. The removable cargo racks and baskets are perfect for moving skis, survey equipment, and long hand and power tools with passengers in the helicopter.

We can efficiently transport crews, survey, perform sling work, and often a combination of all of the above by simple reconfiguration in the field.

As a platform for survey, photography, and tours the R44 is a pleasure to fly in and everyone gets an outstanding view.

your pilot

StePHEN Richards

Steve Richards is the owner and operator of Ridgeline Aviation. He started flying airplanes in the early nineties and helicopters a few years later, with a combined flight time of over 14,000 hours. He started flying in Alaska in 1995 and has over 25 years of flight experience.

A pilot and mechanic, his background is diverse; flying in remote Alaska and around the world for charter companies, corporate clients, NGO’s and the US government. He started Ridgeline Aviation in 2008 and lives in and is based out of Cordova, Alaska.