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Helicopter Tours Cordova Alaska

Our Robinson helicopter is the proven choice for light helicopter charter and utility work, incredible aerial tours, survey, and remote site support.

The Robinson R44 helicopter is proven in Alaska to be a safe and sturdy, cost effective way to provide light helicopter charter and support.

Whether you want a drop-off for a remote adventure, support or transportation for your project, or if you want a want a helicopter tour to see the beauty of Alaska wild lands, we can accommodate you.

Helicopter charter allows passengers to access remote areas that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to reach. The R44 has comfortable seating, great visibility, and the doors are removable for filming, photo work, or radio telemetry work with hand units.

The helicopter can be used as a virtual forklift to move equipment, people, and materials from one side of camp to the other or from one camp to the next. Our HAZMAT certification allows us to safely move your fuel, oil, and other hazardous camp supplies and equipment.

Please Contact us about current pricing for helicopter charters and helicopter tours so we can get you in the air!