Ridgeline Aviation

Ridgeline Aviation is a helicopter and airplane charter company based in Cordova, Alaska. We are a FAA Certified Part 135/133 Air Carrier with Hazardous Materials Authorization. All employees of Ridgeline Aviation undergo yearly recurrent training, are required to participate in a DOT supervised drug program and put safety at the front of every flight. 


The Pilot: Steve Richards

Steve Richards is the owner and operator of Ridgeline Aviation. He started flying airplanes in the early nineties and helicopters a few years later, with a combined flight time of over 13,000 hours. He started flying in Alaska in his early twenties and has 25 years of experience. A pilot and mechanic, his background is diverse; flying for charter companies, corporate clients, NGO’s and the US government in various aircraft around the world. He founded Ridgeline Aviation in 2006 and is now based out of Cordova, Alaska. Ridgeline Aviation is a helicopter and airplane charter company offering tours, charter service, aerial survey and photography, and cargo and external load transport throughout Alaska.